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Quality control is important for all the buyers, but it is not so important in any other places as in Asia. When you and your clients are in another side of the world, it results very practical to have someone near to the manufacturer who really understands your concept of quality. With the professional work of our own quality-control team who are specialized in different sectors, HESION offers solutions that really mark difference.

What inspection services do we offer?
Sample inspection
  A good quality control begins with correct samples. According to all the quality requirements, we help to correct and confirm the samples in conformity to the clients' specifications.
Inicial production inspection
  This Inspection takes place at the beginning of the production, so it allows an early (and thus cost-saving) prevention of defective components as well as timely corrections if needed.
Our Objective is to identify the potential problems as early as possible to avoid the serious consequences as well as save time and cost from the beginning.
During production inspection
  This inspection is carried out various times during the production process to ensure all the contractual obligations regarding product descriptions and other requirements are completed. If any improvement recommendations and rectifications advices have been given during the Initial Production Inspection, the During Production Inspection will enable to check whether these advices have been successfully followed. More generally, this process allows detecting all the possible quality problems and giving recommendations on-site, so that the quality is maintained throughout the entire production phase, and helping monitor if the expected production capacity is reached to complete the order on time.
Pre-shipment Inspection
  The Inspection before Loading is carried out when a minimum of 80% of the goods ordered are produced. The Inspection ensures that the production is in accordance with the specifications, purchase orders or letters of credit. Accordingly, we will inform the clients the situation of their goods for their final decision.
Container Loading Check
  Once received the client’s decision, this inspection will be carried out. The inspector monitors the entire loading phase counting all the goods loaded into the container and ensure the container is in good condition. Our objective of this inspection is to make sure the right products will be delivered and keep our clients informed in advance of the correct quantity loaded.
Why do you need our quality control service?

The rigorous quality inspection offered by HESION help you:
Reduce the risks associated with quality, loading, storage, transportation, and non-compliance with regulatory requirements;
Ensure that contractual obligations are completed: technical specifications, packaging, shipping mark and delivery time etc;
Detect possible quality problems before shipping;
Keep always informed in advance of the vendor’s production problems and the possible delivery delay;
Establish and maintain a high-performance vendor base while lowering production costs.
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