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Our mission is to maintain the competitive superiority of customers and ourselves in the market place. We continually strive to improve our product quality and efficiency while simultaneously driving to exceed every customer's expectations of quality, yield, and cost. 

HESION is totally committed to achieving a high level of quality in all its products, in order to meet and achieve the initial and continuing needs of customers. The company maintains a quality system which assures that its materials and products conform to contract requirements and the expectations of customers.

For normal quality inspection, the QA sampling plan is strictly following ANSI, While AQL is base on 0.40, c=0 standard.

Of course, for some criteria when the product is sensitive, quality standard will be strictness per HESION engineers suggestion, and this quality standard will adjust per customer's requirement as specified.

HESION  will ensures that all contract quality inspection procedures are adhered to throughout all site process. In addition, by maintenance of quality records, the company is able to demonstrate to the customer evidence of product quality conformance. 

The quality manual will be made available or issued to certain persons involved in the management and inspection of quality on a day to day basis and relevant quality procedures will also be available to individuals to enable them to take action needed to operate the quality system which is mandatory for all personnel.

HESION  set up a series of management measure to ensure our quality base on our past experience, Our measure covers four aspects as below:

In order to ensure our product quality, at the frist time that purchase product from HESION , our professional sales will purchase the lowest raw material for you, we will strickly choose supplier for each piece product to ensure we can stirckly control raw material to achieve our goal.


We believe that excellent product quality come from prominent product line and efficient achievement. Highly management way ensure we demand our supplier to finish all bulk goods within promissory time. In order to achieve our goal, our professional sales and QC colleague will go to inspect all product procedure during lead time. Our purpose is to control any possible mistake happened in our product.

Due to HESION built a good coperation relationship with many international shipping company and also own perfect quality control in our early manufacture tache, hence, we believe that we will have no bad delivery as all kind of uncertain reason, we promise that we ensure each shipping perfectly within customer requirement time. We willing to bear loss as our mistake. Our motto is to do our best to achieve our customer will.

We always willing to bear any complaint from our customer if this mistake or issue from us. And meanwhile, we willing to slove all issue toghther with our customer, we believe that problem just can be sloved by our common effort. Instead of blame.

Believe us, you will win more. Welcome to HESION  to find your newly fresh business opporunity. 

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