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As a professional hardware products manufacturer based on engineering team that developed many special products for customers,  we are committed to the highest possible quality within the project budget limits. The core engineering team has years of experience developing products aimed for very harsh environments, functioning in very high range of temperatures (High & low) & under extreme conditions. This experience & know-how are being translated into a high quality products design philosophy.


  • Professional engineering team that specializes in high quality product development
  • Best value product per defined budget
  • Most biometric authentication products have short payback periods
  • Go farther with your own resources by teaming with us as an outsourced engineering team.

Design Gallery

 OEM Product Development

On Time & On Budget

We offer our hardware engineering capabilities as a service to enterprises requiring a custom high quality product within a given budget in various engineering fields including:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Material Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

Our Design Flow

Engineering Philosophy

  • Define the functionality of the intended product according to the customer specifications
  • Design the appropriate product according to the strict design guidelines in order to provide the best Value to the customer.
  • Implement the designed solution including creation of prototype, released, and production versions of the product.
  • Provide manufacturing warranty.
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