Precision Parts
Product Design


Hesion operates a few steps before manufacturing that are important in reducing waste and reducing engineering flaws. it is crucial to the overall cost of a part or product.

Analysis of Design

Preliminary tests must be performed with a manufacturing process to ensure that the product or part being made is engineered correctly and that all flaws are found before the product or part reaches the final stages. Much of this analysis takes place with the a computer-aided manufacturing program.



An important step in a manufacturing process is creation of a prototype. Prototype machining is often done in a less expensive material to cut down on costs, and rapid prototyping is often done on a 3D printer, which creates the part from theCAMprogram. This step allows engineers to study the prototype and expose flaws in design.


The main step in the manufacturing process is the creation of the part in the proper material and the start of production to make multiple parts with accuracy and consistency using the CNC machines.

First Article Approval

After the prototype be made, excluding any residual or flaws based on indoor inspection. Then sending samples to customer for approval.

Low-volume Production

Confirming the samples and small scale trial production, finding the potential risk or problem, and avoiding these problem. Ensuring the process be without any issues in future production.

Bulk Production

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